XIREN’s management platform provides true business agility. Sensors can be deployed in an endless variety of contexts, allowing quick and easy modifications as new challenges and opportunities arise. The XIREN dashboard flexibility creates the framework for an easy to digest business overview in real-time with an adaptable and intricate level of supervision. Here are some of the variables that XIREN can help you optimize


  • Motion detection for potential intruders
  • Zoning unauthorized areas
  • Set alerts for the status of doors, windows, fridges, etc.

Workplace Design

  • Understand desk usage behaviors
  • Create dynamic office plans
  • Real-time occupancy data

Consumer Patterns

  • Quantify customer traffic by location, time, and activity
  • Create queue management concepts
  • Optimize employee task schedules

Food and Beverage Temperatures

  • Set appropriate temperature ranges
  • Configure alarms to be notified immediately
  • Enable any employee to see the status of all food/beverages in real-time

Employee Experience

  • Ensure ideal heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • Formulate smart safety protocols
  • Optimize cleaning times

Asset Management

  • Track machinery health 24/7/365
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Anticipate supply chain interruptions